Course Content

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    • Welcome to the course
    • Before we begin...
    • Course Outline and Objectives
    • The New Sales Landscape
    • The Sales Persons Options
    • Sales Persons Adjustments
  • 2

    Resilient Sales Mindset During the Pandemic

    • Components of Resilient Mindset
    • Accept the new world quickly
    • Get used to selling with the inconviences
    • Key Determinant to Resilient Mindset
    • Self Talk
    • Look for Hidden Gifts in the Pandemic
  • 3

    Developing Competencies for the New Normal in Sales

    • Acquire New Skills for the New Normal
    • Update the Old Selling Skills for the New Normal
  • 4

    Optimizing Sales Activities During the Pandemic

    • Key Sales Activities During Covid
    • Just Checking on You : Keep in Touch with Customers
    • Retention Activities During the Pandemic
    • Look for Opportunities in Your Customers
    • Getting the Most from the Opportunities You Were Handling Prior to the Pandemic
    • Prospect: Keep on Looking for New Opportunities
  • 5


    • Course Review
    • Conclusion